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Use for maintaining a sterile field for catheter placement. 
  • Fenestrated with adhesive apertures.
  • Available for small & medium animals (PPD) with 3.75cm (1.5in) or 6.9cm (2.75in) adhesive fenestration. Drape #OSD has an adhesive center with no aperture to customize for the procedure. Large animal (ECD) with 20cm (8.25in) x 15cm (6in) adhesive fenestration and adhesive edge strips.
  • Sterile, impervious translucent film.
  • Provides superb translucent protection from fluids with optimal drapeability.
  • Helps maintain patient temperature.
  • PPD Drape can also be used for small animal DENTAL procedures by putting animal snout through the aperture.

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
ECD Equine Castration Drape - 150cm (60in) x 90cm (36in) with 8.25in x 6in Fenestration
OSD Opthalmic Surgical Drape - Customizable - 60cm (24in) x 60cm. Rectangle adhesive area in center is 12cm (5in) x 15cm (6in). No Aperture, allows surgeon to customize the cut.
PPD Pick & Peel Drape - 60cm (24in) x 60cm - Accommodates both small and medium size animals by choosing the desired fenestration - 1.5" or 2.75" and peel as indicated.