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Esophageal Feeding Tube with Balloon Dilator

Quick Overview

Use this one-stage esophageal balloon dilation feeding tube for palliative management of benign esophageal stricture and feeding of cats and dogs.  This is an effective, single-procedure alternative to repeated expensive balloon dilations, and includes the esophageal feeding tube.

DESIGN:  The E-tube has a double balloon surrounding the tube.  A compliant outer balloon covers a non-compliant inner balloon for optimal, low profile, long term, routine at home dilation of strictures.

  • E-tube is clear, non-irritating polyurethane ideal for long term use.
  • Lateral ports minimize catheter occlusion.
  • Radio-paque line for x-ray visualization aids exact placement.
  • Latex free.
  • Peel away introducers - ORDER BE14PAI for 10Fr and 14Fr tubes. Order BE18PAI for 18Fr Tube.
  • 60cc Inflation Device - Reuseable.
  • Guidewire - .035 x 80cm Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire with steerable tip


Click links below for additional information:

Instructions For Use

BIG60 Instructions

Trial Results - Poster

Esophageal Balloon Video

Testimonial and Thanks from Pet Owner Who Used the Balloon Dilation Feeding Tube

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
BE1012 10Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with 10mm x 12cm Balloon
BE1415 14Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with 15mm x 15cm Balloon
BE1420 14Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with 20mm x 20cm Balloon
BE14PAI Peel Away Introducer for 10Fr and 14Fr Balloon Esophageal Tubes - Introducer is 24Fr x 13cm
BE1825 18Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with 25mm x 25cm Balloon
BE1830 18Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with 30mm x 30cm Balloon
BE18PAI Peel Away Introducer for BE1825 and BE1830 - Introducer is 26Fr x 13cm
BE-BIG60 Inflation Device - 60cc
BE-GW3580N .035" x 80cm Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire with soft angled, steerable tip. Kink free with excellent navigation.