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Nano Access Introducer Set

Nano Access Introducer Set

Quick Overview

  • 22ga catheter over needle
  • 0.018" x 45cm J tip, floppy guidewire
  • 5Fr x 12cm valved co-axial introducer
  • 24" (60cm) x 24" (60cm) - dual fenestrated drape

Instructions for Use:

1. Drape and prep the access site according to hospital protocol.

2. Gain vascular access with the 22 gauge catheter over needle.  Remove the needle from the catheter.  WARNING: Place a sterile gloved finger over the hub of the needle to minimize blood loss and risk of air aspiration.

3. Advance the 0.018" guidewire through the 22 gauge catheter.

4. Withdraw the 22 gauge catheter.

5. Load the dilator into the valved sheath.  Advance the co-axial introducer set over the 0.018" guidewire.

6. Remove the dilator and 0.018" guidewire, leaving the sheath positioned in the fasculature.  The valve on the introducer sheath is designed to minimize blood loss and risk of air aspiration.

7. Advance up to a 0.038" guidewire through the sheath.

8. Remove the valved sheath, leaving the guidewire or catheter positioned in the fasculature.

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NP1845 Nano Access Introducer Set