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Abdominal Drain with Blunt Trocar:  Sizes Available: 16Fr - 32Fr

Cat Model:  Demonstrate placement of Esophagostomy Tubes with the MILA Tunneler

Chest Tube Flush:  Chest Tube Flushing Set

Drum Long Line Catheter:  Sizes Available: 19Ga, 20Ga, and 22Ga

Endoscopic Catheters:  New Sizes Available: EDC220 and EDC400

Endoscopic Cytology Brush:  1.8mm x 180cm Guarded Brush

Esophagostomy TubeNew Size - 10Fr x 30in - E1030

Extension Sets with Stasis Valve:  Item #8570M, 8572M...

Feeding Tube Extension:  Fits all MILA NG Tubes

Fluid Transfer Set:  Transfer fluid between bags - FTS18

Foley Catheter for Female Canine:  Guidewire Inserted - 6Fr and 8Fr Sizes

Guidewire:  Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire - GW3580N

Introducer Sheaths with Hemostatic Valve:  Sizes Available: 4Fr - 9Fr

Multipurpose Silicone Catheter:  3.5, 5, and 8Fr x 16in open tip with side ports

Nasogastric Feeding Tube:  New size: 3Fr x 25cm - NG310-S (sterile)

Nasogastric PLUS Feeding Tubes:  Feeding, Oxygen Delivery, Male Canine Urine Catheter, Surgically Placed Jejunostomy

Percutaneous Balloon Catheter Kit:  for Cystotomy & Gastrotomy

Percutaneous Peritoneal Drain Kit:  Sizes Available: 8Fr and 12Fr - (Peritoneal Dialysis)

Pressure Infusors:  New Sizes Available: 3000ml and 5000ml cuff

Urine Collection:  Foal Collection Kit - UC600F

Urine Collection:  2000cc Collection Kit

Uterine Flush Tube:  28Fr x 190cm - UFT28190

Vented Vial Access Adapter:  Sizes Available: 13mm 20mm 28mm