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Anal Sac Balloon Catheter:  Available in 4Fr and 6Fr sizes.

Chest Tube:  New Larger Size Available - 12Fr x 30cm with 16cm fenestrations

Dilation Feeding Tubes:   Esophageal Feeding Tube with Balloon Dilator

Drapes:   Surgical drapes (fenestrated with adhesive apertures) for large and small animal

Endotracheal Adapter with Low Dead Space:  15mm Endotracheal Adapter with Low Dead Space

Esophagostomy Feeding Tunneler:  14Fr & 18Fr Tunneler

Extension Sets with Stasis Valve:  Item #8570M, 8572M...

Fast Fash IV Catheter:  24Ga - 14Ga sizes available

Heimlich Valve - Large Animal:  Item #H5300

Hemodialysis Catheter:  7Fr, 8Fr, and 12Fr sizes

Lacrimal Lavage Needle:  Olive Tip Needle - Straight or Curved

Oncology - Closed Medication System:   Closed Valves, Closed Valve Adapters, Vented Vial Adapters, Access Spike, and IV Administration Sets with Injection Sites

Peripheral Nerve Block Products:   Stimpod 450, Stimulating Needles, Cables and Accessories

Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes:   Wire reinforced walls for kink resistance includes malleable stylet for rigidity

Spiral Drains & Kits:   Round Spiral Fluted Drain for greater surface area; Length adjustable; Kit includes Suction Bulb

Tracheostomy Tubes - Cuffed, Non-Cuffed, Cuffed with Inner Cannula:  Tracheostomy Tubes

Urinary and Anal Gland Lavage Needle:  Olive Tip Needle