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Length Adjustable Esophagostomy Feeding Tubes

Quick Overview

  • *IMPROVEMENT - Suture wing for secure attachment after placement.
  • Clear, non-irritating polyurethane material.
  • Secure Y-adapter for feeding, medication and flushing.
  • Length adjustable after placement by cutting the proximal end and replacing Y-adapter.
  • 14Fr size includes suture wing.
  • Radiopaque.

NOW AVAILABLE:  Tunneler for use with length adjustable feeding tubes - see Tunneler for more information and instructions.

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
E1413 Esophagostomy Tube - 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 13in - Priming Volume=3ml/13in.
E1430 Esophagostomy Tube - 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 30in - Priming Volume=7ml/30in.
E1450 Esophagostomy Tube - 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 50in with stylet - Priming Volume=11ml/50in.
ETUN14 14Fr Esophagostomy Feeding Tube Tunneler
2580 14Fr Suture Wing - 10 pack
E1830 Esophagostomy Tube - 18Fr ADJUSTABLE to 30in - Priming Volume=10ml/30in.
ETUN18 18Fr Esophagostomy Feeding Tube Tunneler
E-Y Esophagostomy Y Repair Kit for E1413, E1430, E1450, and E1830