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Peripheral Nerve Block Products

Quick Overview


  • Universal handheld system designed to provide functionality for nerve location. All cables sold separately.
  • Ability to vary frequency, pitch/pulse width, and current.
  • Visual and audible feedback is given when the target current and pulse width ranges are reached indicating probable nerve proximity.
  • Displays real time graphical representation of the actual waveform delivered.  Pause mode allows changing stimulus parameters without stimulating.
  • Non-linear current adjustment.  User can pre-program 20 different current and pulse width settings.
  • Items needed for basic nerve stimulation are Stimpod NMS450 (#NB-STIM), Nerve Location and Mapping Cable (#NBMP), Crocodile Clip (#NBCC), and choice of stimulating needle.



  • Nerve Mapping Probe (#NBMP) enables nerve location and transcutaneous nerve mapping at higher currents (to a maximum of 20mA), while the tip offers a contact surface small enough to ensure effective discrimination.
  • Tri-axial accelerometer (#NBCA) provides real time feedback of the strength of contraction of the affected limb (Train of Four, Double Burst, and Post Tetanic Count modes only).  The strength of each measured contraction is displayed graphically and the relevant ratios are calculated and displayed.



Stimulating nerve block needles are for acute pain management and to help increase overall nerve block success.  Available in a variety of sizes.  Can be used with or without ultrasound guidance.

  • Compatible with the MILA Stimpod and other 2mm pin connect stimulators.
  • Insulated needle cannula with a stimulating tip allows for needle guidance using stimulation.
  • B Bevel needle tip designed to increase visibility under ultrasound guidance.
  • Centimeter markings on the outer cannula to facilitate depth placement.
  • Item # NB2205, NB2108, and NB2110



  • Needles for regional anesthesia injections that require clear needle tip visualization for safe and accurate needle placement.
  • The ECHO 360° Dimple Reflectors are located at the distal end of the needle and create a clear and more defined ultrasound image from any angle.
  • MILA Echogenic needles are designed to improve visibility of the needle tip when using ultrasound guidance without compromising puncture characteristics.
  • Needle has a 30° bevel.
  • Item # E2103 and E2104



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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
NB-STIM Stimpod NMS450 Stimulator with Carry Case
NBMP Nerve Location and Mapping Probe Cable
NBCA NMBA Cable with Accelerometer
NBCC Crocodile Clip for Non-Adhesive Ground
NB2205 Stimulating Needle 22Ga x 5cm (2in)
NB2108 Stimulating Needle 21Ga x 8cm (3.1in)
NB2110 Stimulating Needle 21Ga x 10cm (4in)
E2103 21Ga x 8cm (3.125in) Pain/Regional Anesthesia needle with 30° bevel.
E2104 21Ga x 10cm (4in) Pain/Regional Anesthesia needle with 30° bevel.