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Retrieval Pouch - Large Animal

Quick Overview

Retrieval pouch for a variety of large animal surgical procedures.

  • Closed system pneumatic impact lithotripsy and the removal of cystic calculi that are small enough to be removed through the urethral without the use of lithotripsy.
  • Removal of tumors from a body cavity, including ovarian tumors. Large tumors can be removed from the pouch while the pouch remains within the abdominal cavity using marsupialization.
  • Ovary removal.
  • Removal of cryptorchid testicles from stallions.
  • In conjunction with laparoscopy to remove uroliths from the bladder.
  • Harvesting tissue samples from the abdominal cavity.


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EP810 8" x 10" (20 x 25cm) pouch - 15mm delivery system with detachable bag, Volume 1500ml