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Tracheal Wash / Aspiration Catheters

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SINGLE LUMEN - Single lumen catheter with female luer lock for medication delivery and sampling at any endoscope accessible site. - Item Number - EDC190 (2.3mm OD)

DOUBLE/TRIPLE LUMEN - Two and three lumen sampling catheters enable a sterile specimen retrieval via an endoscope.  To maintain sterility during placement, these sets contain a glycol plug in the outer catheter.  Once placed, the inner catheter is advanced for retrieval of the sterile specimen.

Two Stage/Double Lumen Item Numbers - EMAC700, EMAC700L (1.8mm OD)

Triple Stage/Triple Lumen Item Number - EMAC800 (2.3mm OD)

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
EDC190 Delivery Catheter - 2.3mm x 190cm (76in) for 2.5mm scope
EMAC700 Tracheal Wash/Aspiration - Two stage catheter - 1.9mm x 190cm (76in) for 2.0mm scope
EMAC700L Tracheal Wash/Aspiration - Two stage catheter - 1.9mm x 250cm (100in) for 2.0mm scope
EMAC800 Tracheal Wash/Aspiration - Triple stage catheter - 2.4mm x 190cm (76in) for 2.5mm scope