Blood Filtration and Administration Sets for Small and Large Animals

Blood Filtration & Administration Sets for Small & Large Animals

Ideal for preparation and delivery of aliquots of whole blood, red cells and platelets, cellular components and fresh-frozen plasma for transfusion and autotransfusion.



  • Large bore tubing for HIGH FLOW blood administration.
  • Ideal for use in large animal applications to administer and filter blood from a bag.
  • Set includes spike, drip chamber, tubing roller clamp, 200 micron blood filter, needle -free injection port and SPINNER luer-lock.  Total length 203cm (80in).
  • Flow rates can be increased using a pressurization system (Item #s AF48 and 175590)
  • 10 Drops/ml drip rate

    Gravity Flow Rates using Simulated Blood:

    • No Catheter:                         710ml/min
    • 14Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  180ml/min
    • 12Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  375ml/min
    • 10Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  475ml/min


    • Standard Bore Tubing.
    • Ideal for use to filter and adminster blood from a syringe.
    • Set includes female luer, tubing, 200 micron blood filter, pinch clamp and SPINNER luer lock.  Total length 43cm (17in).
    • Priming Volume is 4ml.


    • Standard Bore Tubing.
    • Ideal for use to draw and filter blood from a bag into a syringe. 
    • Connect to MILA Automatic 3-way set to make a completely closed, automatic, RAPID delivery system for transfusion/autotransfusion. Refer to Pigott study on using a closed system for collection and administration of autotransfusion in a dog with traumatic hemothorax. 
    • Set includes non-vented spike, tubing, pinch clamp, 200 micron blood filter and female luer lock.  total length 47cm (18in).

MILA BF200-2 Video

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