Blood Products

Blood Products


  • Item #BF18 - Filter particulate within blood components to 18 microns.  Luer locking hub allows the use of a standard syringe without a needle.  


  • Item #BF15 - Bag spike with injection port.


  • Item #BF200-2 - Ideal for use in large animal applications to administer and filter blood from a bag.
    • Large Bore Tubing 
    • Use with Item #AF48 and 175590 to create a pressurized system.
  • Item #BF200-3 - Ideal for use to filter and administer blood from a syringe.
    • Standard Bore Tubing
  • Item #BF200-4 - Ideal for use to draw and filter blood from a bag into a syringe.
    • Standard Bore Tubing 
    • Use with Automatic 3-Way (Item #s 175440NB, 175450NB or 175460NB) for Transfusion/Autotransfusion.
  • Item #AF48 - A T-shaped device that allows med administration into, and fluid withdrawal from the bag or bottle.
    • Increases flow rate of an IV or Blood Set by pumping FILTERED AIR into the bag or bottle.
    • Includes a 48cm extension.
  • Item #175590 - A squeeze bulb can be incorporated into the system.


  • Item #175484 - High flow extension set that attaches directly to venous catheter and vacutainer bottle.
    • Includes six foot (180cm) large bore tubing, injection site, drip chamber,and spin luer lock.
    • Priming Volume is 42ml.


 MILA BF200-2 Video

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
BF15 Hemo-Tap Blood Bag Spike
BF18 Hemo-Nate Blood Filter - 18 Micron
175484 Blood Collection
BF200-2 High Flow Blood Administration with Filter
AF48 Bag & Bottle Pressurization Kit
175590 Inflation Squeeze Bulb Assembly. Includes bulb and three-way stopcock.
BF200-3 Syringe Administration with Filter
BF200-4 Bag Administration with Filter
175440NB Centesis Adapter -with Spin Luer Lock only - No Bag
175450NB Centesis Adapter - Total Length 12.5cm (5in) - Priming Volume=1.6ml - No Bag
175460NB Centesis Adapter - Total Length 40cm (16in) - Priming Volume= 6.2ml - No Bag