High Flow Blood Administration with Filter

  • Large bore tubing for HIGH FLOW blood administration.
  • Ideal in large animal applications to administer and filter blood from a bag.
  • Set includes spike, drip chamber, tubing, roller clamp, 200 micron blood filter, needle-free injection port and SPINNER luer lock.  Total length 203cm(80in).
  • Flow rates can be increased using pressurization (Item #AF48).  Gravity flow rates using simulated blood:

                No Catheter: = 710ml/min

                14Ga x 5.25inch Catheter = 180ml/min

                12Ga x 5.25inch Catheter = 375ml/min

                10Ga x 5.25inch Catheter = 475ml/min

  • Priming volume is 36ml.
  • Filtration Area: 16 square centimeters.
  • Volume limit depends on a variety of factors such as blood density and transfusion pressure.
  • 10 Drops/ml drip rate


MILA BF200-2 Video

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