Bone Marrow Needle System for Solids

Bone Marrow Needle System (Solid)

Designed to provide quality biopsies by capturing and retaining the bone marrow in the needle WITHOUT ALTERING THE SAMPLE.

  • System includes Jamshidi style biopsy needle, obturator pushing rod, probe guide and luer lock cap.
  • Needle point allows for easy penetration into the marrow cavity.
  • Marked obturator rod indicates length of specimen prior to extraction and can be used to expel specimen from the extraction cannula.
  • Luer lock connection for syringe.


  MILA Bone Marrow Biopsy Video by TJ Animal Health


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BMAN13 13Ga x 10cm (4in) Needle
BMAN11 11Ga x 10cm (4in) Needle
BMAN8 8Ga x 10cm (4in) Needle