Equine Nasogastric Feeding Tube

Equine Nasogastric Feeding Tube
  • Use for gastric decompression and enteral feeding.
  • Non-irritating radiopaque polyurethane.
  • Flushing stylet to facilitate insertion.
  • centimeter markings.
  • Y-adapter for feeding, medicating, and flushing.
  • Suitable for oropharyngeal oxygen delivery.
  • Can be used as surgically placed Jejunal tubes.

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
NG1243 12Fr x 109cm (43in) - Priming Volume=6ml
NGP1243 12Fr x 108cm (43in) with flushing stylet - Priming volume 5.5ml
NG1243W 12Fr x 109cm (43in) 3 Gram Weight - Priming Volume=6ml
NGP1243W Weighted 12Fr x 108cm (43in) with flushing stylet - Priming volume 5.5ml
NG1450 14Fr x 125cm (50in-length adjustable) - includes 13Fr wing - Priming Volume=9ml/50in.
NG18100 18Fr x 250cm (100in-length adjustable) - includes 18Fr wing - Priming Volume=30ml/100in
FTE60 Large Bore Feeding Tube Extension Set with Rotating Male Luer Lock, Clamp and Female Luer. - 13Ga x152cm (60in) Priming volume=9.4ml