Pressure Infusor


High performance pressure infusor delivers a continuous "squeeze" to the IV fluid bag.

  • Provides easy view of fluid bag and fluid level.
  • Special built-in hook allows fluid bag to be replaced without removing pressure infusor from hanging device.

Bag and Bottle Pressurization Kit 

  • T-shaped spike with 48cm (19in) extension set, female luer, air filter and check valve.
  • Increases flow rate of an IV or blood set by pumping FILTERED AIR into the bag or bottle.
  • Allows medication administration into, and fluid withdrawl from the bag or bottle.

NEW:  Medication Bag Cover-Item UVB-B

  • Amber colored bag provides protection for light sensitive liquid medications.
  • Fits over a 1000ml medication bag.
  • Non-Sterile.
  • 10 per pack.

NEW: UV Blocking Extension

  • Amber tubing provides protection for light sensitive liquid medications, reducing the risk of molecule crystallization and drug photo-degradation.
  • Mini-bore UV Blocking extension set with female-luer, clamp and rotating male luer lock.
  • Set can connect to MILA Nasogastric tubes for medication delivered enterally.
  • Use with bag cover, item# UVB-B, for complete protection of light sensitive liquid medication. Includes 10 bags.


Clear Cuff Pressure Infusor Demo Video

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
175500 1000ml cuff with squeeze bulb, pressure manometer and 3-way stopcock
175590 Inflation Squeeze Bulb Assembly. Includes bulb and three-way stopcock.
175930 3000ml cuff with squeeze bulb and manometer
175950 5000ml cuff with squeeze bulb and manometer
AF48 Bag & Bottle Pressurization Kit
UVB-B UVB-B 1000ml medication bag cover for light sensitive liquid medications-10 per pack
UVB60 Mini Bore UV Blocking Extension Set with Clamp, Rotating Male Luer Lock and Female Luer Lock - 23Ga x 152cm (60in) - Priming Vol. 0.65ml