Dispensing Pins

  •  BEST PRACTICE: Preserve integrity and sterility of medication in vial because aspirated room air is filtered.
  • Save time and money.
  • Puncture vial only once for multiple withdrawls or injections.
  • NEEDLE-FREE, Swabable.
  • Operate with any luer syringe.
  • PIN1 clamps onto the vial, eliminates pulling against a vacuum because aspirated medicine is replaced in the vial by filtered air.
  • Use on 20mm and 28mm vials.
  • PIN3 greatly speeds up the process of filling syringes from a bag.  The bag is punctured only once with the spike, thereby extending the life of the fluids by withdrawing from the bag through the needle- free adapter, rather than through a needle.
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PIN1 Locking Vial Spike with MicroClave® and Vent
PIN2 Vial Spike with MicroClave
PIN3 IV Bag Access with MicroClave