Atomizer/Throat Sprayer


Deliver topical anesthetic to the nose; throat; hypo pharynx; vocal cords; larynx; and trachea prior to airway manipulation such as intubation; endoscopy; rhinoscopy; and soft palate exam.  The benefit is a reduced gag and sensation; reducing pulse and blood pressure response to intubation.

  • Atomize medication into a fine mist of particles 50-80 microns.
  • 15Fr (4.7mm) tip x 6.5 inch (15cm) malleable; conformable tube for targeted deposition of medication.
  • 5cc syringe is recommended for accurate dosing and proper pressure.
  • Priming volume is 0.2ml.
  • Use a 3ml syringe for a minimum forecast distance of 100mm upon exiting the sprayer tip; under 25Kpa pressure; to form an area of diameter of no less than 70mm.


"The device makes endoscopy work within the nasal cavity; soft palate; larynx and pharnyx much easier by distributing a fine mist of lidocaine or lidocaine/phenylephrine."

 "We also use the device to distribute same mixture in hard to reach surgical areas such as otic canals; wound flaps; urogenital tracts; and to atomize topical local anesthetics and hemostatic agents to bleeding tumors and derm biopsy sites."

 Andrea Looney; DVM; DACVAA; DACVSMR

Anesthesia Services; IVG Hospitals; Woburn; MA

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