Silicone Chest Tubes

  • Very Kink Resistant.
  • Radiopaque, single lumen, open-end with multiple side holes.
  • Use for drainage of air or fluid.
  • Surgically placed or use Kelly clamp.
  • Includes clamp, barbed adapter or stopcock.
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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
CT1215 12Fr x 38cm (15in) with 5cm of side holes
CT1415 14Fr x 38cm (15in) with 7cm of side holes
CT2015 20Fr x 38cm (15in) with 10cm of side holes
CT2022 20Fr x 55cm (22in) with 10cm of side holes
CT3022 30Fr x 55cm (22in) with 12cm of side holes
DR7 MILA Guardian™ Protective Foam Disk with Chlorhexidine (CHG)