Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle

Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle

EZIO - Intraosseous Catheter Kit



  • Emergency delivery of fluid, medications and blood products, directly into the vascular system within seconds, via bone marrow.
  • Reusable stainless steel two-part needle.  Solid sharp inner cannula.  Consists of outer cannula with depth marks and forked tip.
  • Easy access for bone marrow aspiration.
  • Very gentle. No bone splintering as with competitive systems.
  • Training needles are non-sterile. Sterilize with cold sterilant, autoclave or EO gas.
  • Power driver has lithium sealed battery.


MILA EZI0 Placement Video

EZIO Brochure

"We have found the EZIO very useful for patient care in our emergency and critical care department.  It is easy to use and we train students; staff; house officers and faculty on clinical indications."

          Steven L. Marks; BVSc; MS; MRCVS; DACVIM
          Clinical Professor of Internal and Emergency Medicine
          North Carolina State University

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