Hemodialysis Catheter

Hemodialysis Catheter
  • Two "D" shaped lumens for optimal high blood flow rates.
  • Staggered exit ports designed to reduce recirculation.
  • Soft radiopaque catheter designed to minimize catheter kinking.
  • Flexible tip design for ease of placement and to minimize risk of vascular trauma.
  • Silicone extension lines for improved durability.
  • Moveable clamp allows for anchoring at the insertion site.
  • Rotating suture wing.
  • Kit includes drape, scalpel, introducer, guidewire, dilator, catheter with silicone extensions and clamps, caps, suture wing, guaze and 2-0 suture.
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HDL716 Hemodialysis Catheter - 7Fr x 16cm (6.3in) Double Lumen
HDL816 Hemodialysis Catheter - 8Fr x 16cm (6.3in) Double Lumen
HDL1216 Hemodialysis Catheter - 12Fr x 16cm (6.3in) Double Lumen
HDL1225 Hemodialysis Catheter - 12Fr x 25cm (10in) Double Lumen
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