PICC - Silicone Catheter Kit

  • PICC - Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter.
  • Silicone material for long term use of 30+ days.
  • Radiopaque catheter can be cut to desired length.
  • Insertion method via peel away introducer.
  • Catheter has a stylet wire to facilitate advancement.
  • Kit includes catheter with wire stylet, peel-away introducer and tape measure.

Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field.

 MILA PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Placement Video

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
3240 PICC - 1.9Fr (23Ga) x 40cm (16in) Single Lumen
3360 PICC - 3Fr (20Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen
3460 PICC - 4Fr (18Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen
3560 PICC - 5Fr (16Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen
3565 PICC - 5Fr x 60cm (24in) Double Lumen (2-18Ga)