Adjustable Long Line

Adjustable Long Line

Drum Long Line Catheter

Drum Long Line Catheter

  • Recommended for administration of vesiant drugs (hypertonic solutions, chemotherapeutics, vasopressors, etc.)
  • The drum houses the long catheter and is an advancement system designed to minimize the risk of touch contamination.
  • Introduction technique: Long catheter through introducer catheter.
  • The INTRODUCER CATHETER REMAINS INDWELLING and the long catheter hub screws onto the introducer catheter hub. Since the introducer catheter remains indwelling, the long catheter can be easily replaced throgh the same introducer, avoiding another needle stick.
  • Long catheter material is rediopaque, kink- resistant polyurethane.
  • Kit includes catheter-over-needle introducer, a long catheter with stiffening wire, drum and gauze.


  1. Administer vasopressor (i.e. norepinephrine ) when a central line is not feasible.
  2. High-concentrated dextrose administration to crashing hypoglycemic patient.
  3. Serial blood draws.
  4. Blood Glucose curves.

Pick and a Peel Drape recommended for sterile field

 Drum Long Line Catheter Instructional Video

Credit Valerie Garuccio LVT, VTS (ECC) at Redbank Veterinary Hospital. Apr 2019

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