Blood Delivery Set with Filter

Equine Blood Delivery with Filter


  • High Flow Blood administration set for delivery of whole blood; cellular components; and fresh-frozen plasma for transfusions.
  • Set includes 80in (203cm) large bore tubing; 200 micron blood filter; needle free injection site; and 360° spinner.
  • Priming Volume = 36ml

 Gravity Flow Rates using Simulated Blood:

  • No Catheter:                       710ml/min
  • 14Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  180ml/min
  • 12Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  375ml/min
  • 10Ga x 5.25inch Catheter:  475ml/min



  • Increase flow rate of an IV or Blood Set by pumping FILTERED AIR into the bag or bottle.
  • First spike the bag or bottle with the AF48 device.  Spike 1 in photo.
  • AF48 is a T shaped device that allows med administration into, and fluid withdrawal from, the bag or bottle.
  • When the included 48cm extension is attached to the side port, a squeeze bulb can be incorporated into the system.
  • The extension has an air filter to remove particles and microorganisms from room air during pressurization with the squeeze bulb.
  • Second, spike the bottom of the AF48 with the spike of the IV or Blood Delivery Set.  Spike 2.
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