Needle-Free Ports

Needle-Free Ports
  • Item #8200 - Neutral Displacement (Stasis) Injection Port prevents blood reflux into the catheter.  Does not require clamping to control valve induced reflux and the saline flush option reduces risk, cost, and time associated with Heparin use.  Higher flow rate that Microclave.  Used in all CVC kits.
  • Item #8098 - Microclave is a one piece, closed, needle-free connector. Labeled for saline flush.  Heparin not required.
  • Item #8095 - Bi-directional injection port for direct attachment of an IV line or syringe.  Includes a tethered cap.
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8200 Stasis Clear Neutral Displacement Injection Port NEEDLE-FREE
8098 MicroClave with Luer Lock
8095 Bi-Directional Injection Port