Mic-Key Low Profile Gastrotomy Device

mickey–Low Profil
  • Mic-Key Low Profile G Feeding Tube has replaced the CUBBY.
  • Balloon style cuff which enables insertion and removal without trauma after a stoma is formed.
  • Can be easily replaced by the client.
  • Kit includes patient care kit with a 6cc & 35cc syringes; right angle feeding set; bolus feeding set; and care giver guide.
  • Available in 12Fr; 14Fr; 16Fr; 18Fr; 20Fr and 24Fr sizes and lengths of 0.8cm; 1.0cm; 1.2cm; 1.5cm; 2.0cm; 2.3cm; 2.5cm; 2.7cm; 3.0cm; 3.5cm; 4.0cm; 4.5cm; and 5.0cm. Length is from the proximal side of the balloon to the skin surface.
  • Stoma Measuring Device available - (#M5555).
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Mic-Key MIC-KEY - Low Profile Gastrotomy Device - REQUIRED: Input size to order
M5555 Stoma measuring device
BFS12 Cubby - Bolus Feeding Set - 5 pack