EZIO - Intraosseous Catheter Kit



  • Emergency delivery of fluid, medications, and blood products directly into the vascular system within seconds, via bone marrow.
  • Reusable stainless steel two-part needle.  Solid sharp inner cannula.  Consists of outer cannula with depth marks and forked tip.
  • Easy access for bone marrow aspiration.
  • Very gentle. No bone splintering as with competitive systems.
  • Training needles are non-sterileSterilize with cold sterilant; autoclave; or EO Gas.
  • Power driver has lithium sealed battery.


   EZ-IO Insertion Video

Click here for the EZ-IO Brochure


"We have found the EZIO very useful for patient care in our emergency and critical care department.  It is easy to use and we train students; staff; house officers and faculty on clinical indications."

          Steven L. Marks; BVSc; MS; MRCVS; DACVIM
          Clinical Professor of Internal and Emergency Medicine
          North Carolina State University

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EZ1525 Needle - 15Ga x 2.5cm
EZ1545 Needle - 15Ga x 4.5cm
EZTN15 Training Needle - 15Ga x 1.5cm
EZTN25 Training Needle - 15Ga x 2.5cm
EZTN45 Training Needle Set - 15Ga x 4.5cm
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