Percutaneous Peritoneal Drain Kit (Peritoneal Dialysis)

Percutaneous Peritoneal Drain Kit
  • Recommended to stock both sizes on every Emergency Cart.
  • Use for Peritoneal Dialysis and other emergency drain needs.
  • Non-surgical guidewire (Seldinger) introduction.
  • Soft; biocompatible polyurethane catheter.
  • Radiopaque
  • Kit inlcudes:  Introducer needle; guidewire; dilator; drain catheter; stiffening stylet in 12Fr; suture wing; collection bag and line; suture; drape; and gauze.
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PPDK8Fr 8Fr x 30cm (12in) fenestrated up to 15cm
PPDK12Fr 12Fr x 30cm (12in) fenestrated up to 16cm