Suture Wings (10 Pack)

Suture Wings (10 Pack)

Caps and Injection Ports

Caps and Injection Ports


    • #8200 -Neutral Displacement Injection Port (Stasis Valve):  
      • PREVENTS BLOOD REFLUX into the catheter tip when disconnecting the syringe or line. 
      • Does not require clamping to control valve induced reflux.
      • The SALINE FLUSH option reduces risk, cost and time associated with Heparin use. 
      • Higher flow rate than Microclave.
      • Needle-Free, Swabable.
      • Highly recommended to replace all previous style "bungs" and "prn ports" and "older model injection ports".  
      • Used in all CVC kits.
    • #8098 - MicroClave is a one piece, closed, needle-free connector.  Labeled for saline flush.  Heparin not required.
    • #8095 - Bi-Directional Injection Port is needle-free for direct attachment of an IV line or syringe.  Includes a tethered cap (8090).
    • #8080 - Safety Injection Port has a built-in stop to prevent accidental tubing or technician puncture.

 Needle Free Connector Protocol Video


  • #8090 - Tethered cap attaches to the catheter or extension hub to cover the injection port. Not for needle-free valves.
  • #8099 - Stemless Luer Lock Cap - 10 pack, non-sterile. Universal, works with all injection ports.


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8200 Neutral Displacement Injection Port (Stasis Valve)
8098 MicroClave with Luer Lock
8095 Bi-Directional Injection Port
8080 Safety Injection Cap
8090 Tethered Cap
8099 Stemless Luer Lock Cap (10 pack)