Diffusion Catheter / Soft Tissue Incision Catheter

  • 16Ga x 30cm (12in) radiopaque polyurethane catheter with micro ports in the distal end to evenly disperse fluid over 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches or 9 inches.
  • Placed deep within tissue to deliver local anesthetics to the surgery site for several days.
  • Surgically placed in the deepest layer of closure, or by using a 5Fr (Item #4205 or 4205.5) peel away introducer for wounds.
  • Ideal for amputation wounds, traumatic wounds, mammary strips, total ear canal ablation, and thoracic/sternal surgeries.
  • Use with MILA administration pumps (see Pumps), a syringe or IV pump for continuous infusion.


Click Here for insertion instructions and a sample case.
Click Here for wound discussion and dosages.

Diffusion Catheter Video


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DIFF2 2in (5cm) Dispersion Area.
DIFF4 4in (10cm) Dispersion Area
DIFF6 6in (15cm) Dispersion Area
DIFF7 7.5in (18cm) Dispersion Area
DIFF9 9in (22.5cm) Dispersion Area
2420 .2 Micron (10 Pack) - Individually packaged and sterilized.
4205 Peel Away Introducer - 5Fr/16Ga x 6.25cm (2.5in)
4205.5 Peel Away Introducer - 5Fr/16Ga x 3.75cm (1.5in)