Canine GDV / Bloat Tube

  • Dual lumen tube for simultaneous flushing and evacuation of the stomach in Emergency and Surgery.
  • Four large side holes.
  • Soft, heavy duty silicone material.
  • Reuseable.
  • Atraumatic tip.

Testimonials provided by:  Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County; Plano, TX.

Since our practice began using MILA's bloat tubes we have seen across the board improvement on our GDV cases.  Our standard of care has clearly benefited from the use of the double lumen tubes in our GDV protocol; surgical and lavage time have been reduced allowing us to get our patients on and off the table as quickly and easily as possible.

-Dean Severidt, DVM, Emergency Animal Hospital Chief Medical Officer

The double lumen GDV/bloat tubes have gone a long way to streamline our lavage process.  By allowing for simultaneous flushing and evacuation; we have been able to cut down significantly on surgical time and make the technician's job managing the pump and the tubing much cleaner and easier.  I don't expect we will ever go back to standard tubing.

-Adrienne Karlovsky, ER Vet Tech

Going from using standard tubes to double lumen tubes has been one of the best transitions we have made at our practice.  It has helped lessen the time of the procedure and while still being easier to use.  We only wish we had made the switch sooner.

-Sal Alfaro, ER Vet Tech

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
GDV1 Giant Breed GDV/Bloat Tube-30mm (1.2in.)OD x 22mm (1in.)ID - 180cm (72in) length. Flushing Lumen = 50in.
GDV2 Large Breed GDV/Bloat Tube-25mm (1in) OD x 18mm (.7in) ID - 180cm (72in) length. Flushing lumen = 50in
GDV3 Medium Breed GDV/Bloat Tube-17mm (.6in) OD x 12mm (.48in) ID - 125cm (50in) length. Flushing lumen = 32in
GDV3L NEW LENGTH - Medium Breed GDV/Bloat Tube-17mm (0.6in) OD x 12mm (.48in) ID - 180cm (72in) length. Flushing lumen = 50in
GDV4 Small Breed GDV / Bloat Tube - 12mm (0.48in) OD x 8.7mm (.34in) ID - 125cm (50in) length. Flushing Lumen = 32in.