Fecal Management System

Fecal Management System

The Fecal Management System is a 20Fr, 24Fr and 28Fr soft silicone catheter to inserted into the rectum for collection of liquid stool.  It is retained by an air inflated low pressure balloon. The proximal end of the large bore tube attaches to a 2000ml collection bag.

Catheter size is determined by the size of the patient:

  • 20Fr for small and medium size dogs. 
  • 24Fr for medium and large size dogs. 
  • 28 Fr for extra large dogs 
  • Balloon size is determined by approximating the normally formed stool size. 
  • Reduces infection risk to other animals and humans.
  • Measurement lines help to calculate fluid losses.
  • Greatly reduces clean up time and supplies.
  • Keeps odor contained.

"I am happy to have worked with MILA to help solve the problem of managing patients with liquid diarrhea.  This system helps improve patient care, decrease technician time required, keeping patients clean, helping prevent fecal scald and odor management in addition to monitoring fluid losses to help guide therapy. Your technician and patients will thank you for using the system."

Melissa Edwards DVM, DACVECC

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FM2000 20Fr x 25cm (10in) Catheter, extension line and a Non-Sterile collection bag. For small to medium size dogs.
FM2400 24Fr x 25cm (10in) Catheter, extension line and a Non-Sterile collection bags. For medium to large size dogs.
FM2800 28FR X 25cm (10in), extension line and Non Sterile collection bag. For large Dogs
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FMRB 2000ml Replacement Bag