Female Canine Foley - Guidewire Insertion

Female Canine Foley - Guidewire Insertion
  • Guidewire inserted foley catheter for female dogs.
  • Stainless Steel Guidewire with "J" tip, 70cm in length.
  • Water activated lubricant facilitates wire removal.
  • Introducer with depth markings and flexible tip.
  • Radiopaque silicone material.
  • Kit includes: Catheter with balloon, guidewire, dilator, drape, lubricant, suture, suture wing, female luer lock, barbed adapter,stasis valve, gauze and syringe.

“I strongly believe this improvement will help enormously with a much easier and safer placement of an urinary Foley catheter in female dogs. And most importantly; it will offer better control of hygiene during catheter placement.”

Developed in cooperation with Joris Robben; Associate Professor in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine at the Small Animal ICU of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University


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UCG610 6Fr x 35cm (14in) Catheter with 1.5cc Balloon
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