Equine Joint Infusion Kit

  • Provide continuous localized infusion of antibiotics directly into the affected joint.
  • A crush resistant 5Fr (16Ga) catheter is inserted using a 6Fr (14Ga) peel-away introducer.
  • The lightweight administration pump will hold up to 100ml.
  • Kit includes:
    • 100ml administration pump
    • 5Fr (16Ga) crush resistant catheter
    • 6Fr (14Ga) peel-away introducer
    • Two flow control tubes:
      • FCT12 (0.8ml/hr) is attached to pump.
      • FCT4 (2.5ml/hr) is included in package.
    • Accuracy rate +/- 15%
    • Minimum fill volume = 15ml
    • Residual volume = 2ml

Septic Joint Treatment with Constant Intra-articular Infusion of Gentamicin orAmikacin

Stephen B. Adams, DVM, MS and Timothy B. Lescun, BVSc


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9100 Equine Joint Infusion Kit - Pump, Peel-Away Introducer, FCT4, FCT12
FCT4 Flow Control Tube - 10ml in 4 hours - 2.5ml/hour
FCT12 Flow Control Tube - 10ml in 12 hours - 0.8ml/hour