Extensions with MicroClave®

  • One-piece closed, needle-free connector.
  • Approved for saline flush.
  • Heparin not required.
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MC40 T Extension Set with MicroClave®, Clamp, Injection Site, and Rotating Male Luer Lock- 18cm (7in) length, Priming Volume=.28ml
MC43 T-Extension Set with 2 MicroClaves®, Clamp, Rotating Male Luer Lock- 18cm(7in) length, Priming Volume=.34ml
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MC44 Bifuse Y Extension Set with 2 MicroClaves®, 3 Clamps, Rotating Male Luer Lock -18cm(7in) length, Priming Volume=.2ml per lumen
8098 MicroClave® Needle-Free Injection Port
8099 Stemless Luer Lock Cap (10 pack)