Quicky Cath™

Quicky Cath™

Introcan Safety® Catheters



  • Quality smooth transition from needle to catheter reduces burring and wasted sticks.
  • Introcan® Safety® radiopaque polyurethane catheters feature a safety clip that automatically covers the needle point when it is withdrawn, reducing accidental needle sticks.
  • Push-off tab on hub for smooth insertion.
  • Closed flashback chamber.
  • Sold individually or in boxes of 50

Safety clip automatically deploys when needle is retracted.

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
IC2475 Introcan Safety® Catheter - 24Ga x 19mm (.75in)
IC2201 Introcan Safety® Catheter - 22Ga x 25mm (1.0in)
IC2001 Introcan Safety ® Catheter- 20Ga x 32mm (1.25in)
IC1801 Introcan Safety® Catheter - 18Ga x 45mm (1.75in)