Tunneler for Length Adjustable Esophagostomy Feeding Tubes

Tunneler for Length Adjustable Esophagostomy Feeding Tubes

Esophagostomy Feeding Tube Tunneler

Retrograde tunneling (easier and faster)

  • Greatly improves the ability to easily, safely and quickly position the MILA length adjustable Esophagostomy Feeding Tube.
  • This technique allows the distal tip of the catheter to be manually passed the mouth into the esophagus.
  • The proximal end of the tube is pulled through the neck with the tunnerler.
  • The tube is then cut to the desired length nad the Y-adapter is secured in place.
  • Designed to be used with: Items# E1030, E1413, E1430, E1450 and E1830.
  • All stainless steel construction which can be reprocessed and reused.

Retrograde E Tube Placement Video

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Grouped product items
Item Number Product Description Price Qty
ETUN14 14Fr Esophagostomy Feeding Tube Tunneler
ETUN18 18Fr Esophagostomy Feeding Tube Tunneler
CatModel Use to demonstrate the placement of esophagostomy tubes with the MILA Tunneler.
E1030 10Fr ADJUSTABLE to 30in - Priming Volume=2.5ml/30in.
E1413 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 13in - Priming Volume=3ml/13in.
E1430 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 30in - Priming Volume=7ml/30in.
E1450 14Fr ADJUSTABLE to 50in with stylet - Priming Volume=11ml/50in.
E1830 18Fr ADJUSTABLE to 30in - Priming Volume=10ml/30in.
DR7 MILA Guardian™ Protective Foam Disk with Chlorhexidine (CHG)